A Slice Of Fried Gold Radio Show Play List For 23/06/2013

Here’s what you heard on the show this afternoon:

RM Hubbert – V
Over The Wall – Don’t Listen To Them, Son
One Last Secret – Good Night
Tankus The Henge – Cakewalk
Todd Cook – Brilliant Green
Vampire Weekend – Diane Young
Steve Poltz – Conversations With The Moon
Penguins Kill Polar Bears – Sapling
Two Wings – Altars and Thrones
Alabama Shakes – Always Alright
Damn Vandals – The Revenge Of Spider Toothy
My Great Affliction – Good Times To Come
The Hazey Janes – Aspen
Cahalen Morrison and Eli West – Like A Stone
Poor Things – Festival
Red Ronson – Salvador Dali (session Track)
Red Kites – Threads
Red Ronson – Paper Statues (Session Track)
Red Ronson – Sweetheart Be Mine (session Track)
The Mouse That Ate The Cat – Ou Les Morts Est Sont Des Dieux
Sebastopol – Send The Boats

And it’ll be up on Mixcloud soon. Next show is on Monday 17/06/2013, 6-8PM GMT at http://www.abcradio.co.uk or ABC Radio Alness via the TuneIn app! Thanks for listening! Subscribe to Fried Gold Music on Facebook and Twitter