Music Catch Up 21/11/2012

Not sure why I’m putting dates on these really

Not a local gig but a local band. If you find yourself in Glasgow on the 6th of December you should go and see Donald Macdonald (And The Islands) playing in King Tut’s. The only reason I’m mentioning this? You can get a cheaper ticket if you get it direct from the band.

Something else you can get now as it’s just come out is Jock’s Juke joint Vol 2. A handful of tracks from volume 1 have had pretty extensive play on the radio show and the standard on volume 2 looks to be just as high, possibly higher, so you won’t regret picking one up.

That’s it for catching up, on to some new folks. Well not new, just not caught up.

I don’t think he’s ever appeared in a news post though he’s on the list of locals, what with local being really bloody big around here. So Roddy Woomble then. I saw him waaaaaay back earlier in the year at the Ironworks and it was a damned fine gig. As part of the set he played a couple of tunes from the forth coming album which will be coming forth in March next year. You’ll be able to buy one of 1000 limited edition ones before the end of the year though. Details when there are some. In the mean time there’s a couple of wee videos for you so you know what you’ll be getting, roughly anyway. First up My Secret Is My Silence recorded at a club CALLED Glee, he wasn’t on the show. Next up from the same gig Silver & Gold. Then there’s a couple from a session with Clean Slate Music. Here’s Every Line Of A Long Moment followed by A New Day Has Begun.

As I’ve reported before, Siiga has been releasing a new track each month of the year to build up an album by the end of it. It’s been over a month so there’s a new track. If you listen to the radio show it’s been played twice, if you don’t then the track is here. It’s called Embers and it’s lovely.

Team Kapowski have been well quiet. BUT the last comic was posted in the break, so click on the link to their page and check out the cover image.

Another scrappy video for you now from what was probably one hell of a gig. The Ballachulish Hellhounds supported Hayseed Dixie around a month ago and this is a wee bit of that. Ace.

Another video, another short but sweet update, completely different type of music. A remix by The LED is what you can here in the background of this Red Bull video of motorcross nutters. No idea if it’s through the whole video or not.

And we’re down to only ten bands that I need to look at. I know for a fact a couple of them have a couple of things, but on the flip side a couple probably don’t. So I expect I’ll be all caught up in a couple of days tops and this can go back to being news posts. Nice one.

The Ballachulish Hellhounds – Red Eye’s Motorcycle Blues IP

What the hell is an IP Macgyver? Well in this case….look. The Ballachulish Hellhounds released a mini-album that’s 6 tracks long. That’s too long for an EP and too short for an LP. SO I worked out what letter is between them in the alphabet and got IP. BUT it gets better. EP = Extended Play. LP = Long Play. IP = INTERMEDIATE Play. I do believe I have invented a musical term and I’m quite proud of myself, please use it a lot and spread it around so that someone way more important than me can take credit and then people will call me a liar when I say I came up with it. That said, probably a term already as that’s what always happens when I come up with something.


Quite right. SO what the hell is a Ballachulish Hellhound? Well for a start if you aren’t Scottish you probably can’t pronounce it correctly. They are a bluegrass, country, blues, punk (this is from their page, not sure on the punk bit) 3 piece from Glasgow but originally from up here. They play music that’s a combination of the first three genres there, and they do it damned well. Red Eye’s Motorcycle Blues is probably more varied than any 6 track IP (I’m gonna keep using it!) has any right to be. 5 covers, one original, intended to bridge the gap between their first album and the next one. Let’s get all track by tracky then. As I’ve probably established by now, proper journalists would bully me in a corner for being an idiot with comparisons. This is not about to change.

First up it’s Long Gone. It brings to mind East Bound and Down by Jerry Reed for me (FUCK the sitcom, it’s from Smokey and the Bandit). Plucky banjo and guitar, I do believe a Dobro is involved (I was actually raised on this kinda stuff). It’s toe tapping great times. This is followed by Rabbit In A Log, heavy on the banjo. Brings to mind the Beverly Hill Billies theme to me. It’s an old Bluegrass tune, most of the IP is, and it’s about trying to get some dinner out in the wilds. Without a huntin pooch. Damned fine stuff, more toe tappin. Hooee! Ends with a shave and a haircut on banjo. You know the kind of thing.

Things slow down a bit and get a bit more country for third track Lonesome Without You. Harmonising male voices, bit of a round the camp fire cowboy tune. Right down to not exactly note perfect singing, which fits the tune really. It’s got some great mandolin in it, big solo in the middle. Not totally down beat though at the end of verses a dog giving a wee howl wouldn’t be out of place.

Next up is, as far as I’m aware, the only tune that isn’t a classic or original. It’s a cover of Motorhead’s Iron Horse/Born To Lose. Which I wasn’t familiar with ahead of time so I’m giving it a listen right now. Slow, but heavy. The cover? Very much in the style of Johnny Cash’s America series. Right down to the singers voice. Not quite up to Cash’s standard, who is though? Hurt is AMAZING. But a damned fine cover all the same. Very mellow stuff, some lovely guitar. Rock has its origins in blues and that comes through big time with covers like this.

This is followed by the one original, and title track, Red Eye’s Motorcycle Blues. It’s a bit Cashy as well really. Bizarrely strange specific speed of 44 miles an hour in the lyrics. It’s pretty jaunty, not as much as the first two tracks, it’s about bikers and it has a nice steady hook to it. Very enjoyable and enough to make me look forward to the album that’s coming next year. To close things off we have Bury Me Beneath The Willow. Slidey blues guitar and a mandolin with male harmonies. Rather deep in the country blues motif again. Not as depressing as the title would make you think but would fit around a camp fire.

Overall this is a damned fine IP. I don’t care, I’m using the term whether you like it or not. You can listen to it free for nothing right here and get a copy for £6 or more. Personally I think it’s WELL worth that amount and a good way to bridge the gap between albums. You get one track that’s new and will no doubt be on the album PLUS a bunch of tunes that won’t be BUT give a vibe for the band. Great idea guys, doesn’t leave anyone feeling ripped off. Enjoyed the hell out of the whole thing and can’t wait for the album. Go have a listen and grab a copy!

Music News 15/09/2012

Hey kids, here’s what’s been happening with local acts since…Monday. This isn’t becoming a weekly post or anything, there would have been one on Tuesday but there wasn’t enough to justify a post. Been a busy boy lately but hopefully things will…ah bollocks, Loopallu. Well hopefully things will calm down EVENTUALLY as I’m really really skint. On with the news.

If you are looking for something to do and you are a fan of music of the dance persuasion then you should probably head along to the Ironworks for Rudimental. Wouldn’t mention that normally, but Inverness Gigs had a wee interview with Count Clockwork who are supporting. Interview is here. There’s also a wee promo video that was produced by the Music Works project ahead of the gig, it’s a bit mental and very well done. You may have to be pretty quick as this news post took AGES and it’s going up later than I thought.

Another gig that’s coming up soon is Fatherson, looking at my ticket right now. The guys have been up the road quite a lot this year, possibly because they were part of goNorth, and in this case I think it was by request cause we like them up here quite a lot. Well I do anyway. Mentioning goNorth probably gave you an idea of what this paragraph is actually about. That’s right another them/Netsounds Unsigned Rockhopper session from Bella. You know the artist already and this one is called Lights. You’ll be off to buy an Ironworks ticket now then aye?

Hoots/Mad Hatters have a number of support slots open over the next couple of months. Head on over to their page and drop Steve an email at the address supplied if you fit any of the bills. Not sure how many will still be available but give it a shot anyway. Email, don’t comment, to apply.

It’s outside my catchment area really but lots of acts from around here have played down there so I’ll include it, plus I wouldn’t mind going myself and if I do it’ll be reported here. Long intro sentence to just say Wickerman. Might be a bit on the large side festival wise for me actually, unless I can get a pass of some kind, but I’ve heard the vibe is a lot like Bella. Certainly looks like good craic going by this wee vid.

Rachel Sermanni was in that wee vid and her album appeared through my door this morning. Review coming soon. If you haven’t bought a copy yet and are a bit skint like I am the kind people at Thank Folk For That have 5 copies to give away. Details are here and you have until noon on Monday to enter. She also did a session with Dutch site Zubb. Breaking from the Waltz sessions this one is of The Fog, teeny bit wibbly in the first half, pretty blinding in the second. Speaking of Waltz it has been selected as Jim Gellatly’s Big One (track of the week) this week. Well deserved too.

James Mackenzie will be hitting the studio soon to record a full length album along with a bunch of other musicians. Really looking forward to hearing that. And as soon as he’s done he’ll be heading out on tour. No rest for the wicked. Keep an eye on The List for when he’ll be playing in Inverness and get yourself along to a gig as he’s rather good so he is.

Local band snapper Houdi has gotten in to the moving pictures business. Here’s Easy Tigers playing I’m not sure, sorry guys. Not familiar enough with their stuff to give you a song title and I don’t think it’s on the Songs From The Sun Room album. Anyway, video here. He was also there early and caught some Todd Cook on film, well digital video. Todd’s great as you can see and a lovely bloke to boot. Hes Australian, you can tell because he has his didgeridoo out. Unfortunately I’m not sure the name of the song as Todd didn’t have any albums available because the tax man wanted a crazy amount of money to let them out of customs. He also also filmed the end of The Merrylees set, here they are covering Riders in the Sky. Very cool, and check the lick of their guitars! Love em.

The Cleavers, along with Fraser from The Murderburgers/Fuck! (It’s pronounced shit!) have recorded a mini covers EP with S.L.U.G by the Ramones and Coffee Mug by the Descendents. It’s right here, it’s called Coffee Slug and pay whatever you want for it. The money goes to Prostate Scotland so chuck them a few quid. Great stuff.

Another interview from Inverness Gigs, this time with Matt Sillars the host of the Coffee Shop Open Mic Sessions in the Greenhouse. I LOVE their open mic nights, dragged myself along on Thursday despite tiredness and the weather. Some of the best music I’ve heard this year has been in there and it really is an appreciative audience so grab your instrument of choice and come along sometime. I may also be doing reviews, but don’t let that put you off. The format is explained in there and we’d all be very happy to hear you. If you turn up early you can also get a singing lesson from Emma Mitchell, who REALLY knows here stuff.

The Ballachulish Hellhounds have a mini album out. It’s called Red Eye’s Motorcycle Blues and you can hear/get it here. I shall be doing a wee review of it too once I’ve managed to clone myself so I have time.

The Slim Panatellas have uploaded a new track, We Are The Slim Panatellas which shows that they don’t take themselves too seriously. Haven’t managed to catch them yet and won’t for a while as their fairwell gig is in The Greenhouse while I’m at Loopallu. Farewell? Yes, they’re off galavanting abroad. Very much in theme with the kind of act they are, they’re jumping in the travelling camper van studio, making their way through France, Switzerland and Italy on an epic journey to Womax in Greece. Details here in Mags Chrystall’s piece for the Highland News.

Estrella have a new blog post out. Besides their recent award win and some other stuff it has two live gig videos from the Furyon gig in Aberdeen. Click here for some proper 80’s hair metal. The video was shot by Kevin Meldrum, thanks for that man.

Almost finally, Great White Elephant have released an acoustic demo on their Soundcloud from a jamming session the other week. It’s called Burning Blue and it’s very chilled and nice and that.

And finally, congrats to Lady MFR herself Marion Scott and Des Irvine on their engagement. No this isn’t becoming a gossip rag of some kind, but she’s lovely and I’ve heard he is too so thought I’d give them a shout out.

WHEW, this is frikkin huge. Couldn’t be quiet while I was busy eh? LOTS of stuff to come, like the Facebook page to keep up to date. I haven’t had my dinner yet and I’m missing Doctor Who so I’m off. Thanks for reading!

Music News 17/08/2012

Hey kids. Here’s what local bands have been saying for themselves/doing/releasing over the last couple of days.

Local band snapper and “doesn’t blog” blogger Houdi has been rather prolific over the last few days. He’s developed an obsession with The Outsiders feet, before getting round to describing his Bella experience. First Friday aaaaaaaaaaaand Saturday isn’t done yet, when I started writing I mistakenly thought I’d seen a link to it. It’s possible I was just confusing it with the piece on last nights Showcase and Mad Hatters action. Mine, minus the Hatters, is here. All, or at least the last two, posts by Houdi contain links to large numbers of pretty pictures.

While I’m linking things that other people have written, here’s Margaret Chrystalls review of the fifth Summer Showcase. My one is here but chances are you’ve already read it as it’s the most popular post on this site.

Give your eyes a break and your ears some work, The Ballachulish Hellounds have uploaded a “Lofi Jockgrass” (their words) track called Lonesome Without You. It went up 2 weeks ago yes, but first I’ve heard of it.

How about a couple of videos? First up Estrella teamed up with the RockIt! Dance belly dancers for a Do It Til’ We Drop video. Followed by a scrappy live recording of The Cleavers from their gig at the Ironworks on Wednesday. Sounds a bit ropy and thankfully they keep their bellies to themselves. I’ve so far failed to catch them live, must fix that sometime soon. I love how some of the suggested videos on the right are for a US politician…

It’s a long shot that people reading could use it, because geography, but would you like to see Rachel Sermanni playing at the Reading Festival? If so she has 2 tickets to give away. Just email​t (you’ll be added to her and Reading’s mailing list so forewarned) and a winner will be drawn on Wednesday the 22nd. You also get a signed copy of her new album, but don’t be a dick and enter just to get that.

Do you want to be an events co-ordinator when you fail to grow up? Bogbain Farm has a paid internship going. Brew at the Bog was extremely well planned and run so you could do worse for a learning experience than that place.

Aaaaaaaaand I’ll finish off with some gigs over the next couple of days. If you are reading this RIGHT AS IT GOES UP then you could do worse than head on over to Karma Lounge in Inverness. They’re balancing the Olympics karma by playing the great British rock that was largely ignored (or RAPED BY JESSIE J) during the closing ceremony. Alternatively head on through to Dingwall, go to The Mallard and check out Dougie Burns, The Oxides and Purple Divide who are hoofing it down from…Wick I think so may be a bit knackered.

If you AREN’T reading this right away and it’s either too late on Friday or early on Saturday, Dingwall is offering up two things and you can technically go to both. First off there’s the National Treasures Music Event at the National Hotel. In a vain attempt to get me interested in football, you can catch The Ragazzi playing, go watch County playing Celtic, then come back for some Last Summer Effect (accoustic style). Jokes on you, no way I’ll be up to make it to Dingwall by 11. Half 2 I can do though, so maybe some LSE and then probably (this is in case I fail to get through at all) some Slim Panatellas at The Greenhouse. You can do both, at least partially, as Rob is going to the match and they can’t play without him.

And if your in Inverness, saunter along to the Mark and Spencers general area and you’ll be able to catch dorec-a-belle playing to raise money for hospital radio (which is nice of them). And you’ll also be able to grab a copy of their CD, which is nice for you (review here).

That’s a whole lot of reading, looking, listening and going to there. PHEW! Remember you can subscribe to the site below, and there’s now a Facebook page where all the latest updates will post by internet magic. Now go tell your friends.