Music News 25/11/2012

Hey kids, a couple of bits and bobs for you today.

First up, THE LED have a new remix of Steve Aoki – Come With Me up at that link there.

Fantastic singer songwriter Emma Mitchell will be singing at the turn on of the Dingwall Christmas lights on the 1st of December. The event is on between 4 and 5pm and there’s also a fair and other entertainment. If I remember it’ll be in The List, which will be getting updated soon (busy busy boy)

Last weekend of the month so that means a new track from Siiga. The latest offering is called John’s A Ghost and you can hear and get it here. Marion will be giving it a spin on her show tonight on MFR as well, and it could also be getting played elsewhere ifyouknowwhatI’mhintingat.

And finally, Furry Vengeance member Ryan Golder has a new recording of Forever Criminal for you all to enjoy. Wrap your ears around this. Lovely.

Now I’m off to do the 8000 other things I have to do, yay! Fecbook likeys appreciated, spread the word and all that. And tune in to tomorrow between 6 and 8PM to hear some great tunes with an idiot in between. Dunno what yet as the play list is one of those 8000 things. You can also listen using a smart device and the TuneIn App, just search ABC Radio Alness. Sorted.

Music Catch Up 21/11/2012

Not sure why I’m putting dates on these really

Not a local gig but a local band. If you find yourself in Glasgow on the 6th of December you should go and see Donald Macdonald (And The Islands) playing in King Tut’s. The only reason I’m mentioning this? You can get a cheaper ticket if you get it direct from the band.

Something else you can get now as it’s just come out is Jock’s Juke joint Vol 2. A handful of tracks from volume 1 have had pretty extensive play on the radio show and the standard on volume 2 looks to be just as high, possibly higher, so you won’t regret picking one up.

That’s it for catching up, on to some new folks. Well not new, just not caught up.

I don’t think he’s ever appeared in a news post though he’s on the list of locals, what with local being really bloody big around here. So Roddy Woomble then. I saw him waaaaaay back earlier in the year at the Ironworks and it was a damned fine gig. As part of the set he played a couple of tunes from the forth coming album which will be coming forth in March next year. You’ll be able to buy one of 1000 limited edition ones before the end of the year though. Details when there are some. In the mean time there’s a couple of wee videos for you so you know what you’ll be getting, roughly anyway. First up My Secret Is My Silence recorded at a club CALLED Glee, he wasn’t on the show. Next up from the same gig Silver & Gold. Then there’s a couple from a session with Clean Slate Music. Here’s Every Line Of A Long Moment followed by A New Day Has Begun.

As I’ve reported before, Siiga has been releasing a new track each month of the year to build up an album by the end of it. It’s been over a month so there’s a new track. If you listen to the radio show it’s been played twice, if you don’t then the track is here. It’s called Embers and it’s lovely.

Team Kapowski have been well quiet. BUT the last comic was posted in the break, so click on the link to their page and check out the cover image.

Another scrappy video for you now from what was probably one hell of a gig. The Ballachulish Hellhounds supported Hayseed Dixie around a month ago and this is a wee bit of that. Ace.

Another video, another short but sweet update, completely different type of music. A remix by The LED is what you can here in the background of this Red Bull video of motorcross nutters. No idea if it’s through the whole video or not.

And we’re down to only ten bands that I need to look at. I know for a fact a couple of them have a couple of things, but on the flip side a couple probably don’t. So I expect I’ll be all caught up in a couple of days tops and this can go back to being news posts. Nice one.

Music News 30/09/2012

Hey kids, here’s what’s been happening over the last couple of days.

I mentioned before that Ailsa Jean Lyall Mathews is in need of a backing musician of some kind, mainly a guitarist. She’s a hell of a singer and can play the keyboard but her original guitarist is off to college. If you play guitar and don’t have a band of some kind this could be a great opportunity for you. The Eagle will be hosting an event to pick one at some point, details to follow, so go check out her sound and get practicing.

Local DJ type Boomshank Redemption chucked together this tune about Rob Schneider. Those samples are from a very funny South Park episode. Makes me chuckle. Herp de derp.

While we’re on electronics, The LED just hit 3000 likes on Facebook and to celebrate released a new remix. Here’s Eva Simons with Renegade. Don’t really know the original but 3000 likers and 137 commenters can’t be wrong!

Rachel Sermanni‘s debut album Under Mountains came in at number 2 on the Indie Breakers Album Chart. That’s pretty damned good, well done Rachel (and everyone involved)!

It’s the last weekend of the month and that means a new track from Siiga. This one is called Fras Mara, it’s lovely and you get a wee tale about the inspiration behind it at that link there. Good stuff, I love hearing about that stuff.

And finally, don’t forget that PAWS album is released tomorrow so go grab a copy. My review is here if you haven’t seen it already. The album kicks ass.

Thanks for reading, like the Facebook page, ttfn.

Music News 18/09/2012

Hey kids, here’s what’s been happening for the last couple of days.

Part of the reason there was no news post yesterday, besides there not being much, was that I was at a meeting/audition for ABC Radio Alness. It’s a new community radio project that’ll be streaming online, making it a world wide thing really, from the 22nd of October. And yours truly will have a show on it. Not sure when or the length, 1 or 2 hours, but will plug the hell out of it. My show will feature, besides me talking, some of the finest music that the Highlands and Islands has to offer. As I’d run out it’ll also feature unsigned or indie label bands from wherever but the main focus will always be the locals. Go like that Facebook page and keep and eye out here for announcements when it will be on and that. Local acts, no need to contact me as you are already on the play list. I’ll contact you if I don’t have anything to use though. ENOUGH ABOUT ME!

Thought it would be a bit sparse but there’s a few things. What looks like the last of those carnival clips from Rachel Sermanni. Her album is out, I’ve reviewed it, and you should go buy it. She’s iTunes UKs single of the week as well! That ought to help things along, maybe the whole chart won’t be piss poor for once. In case it is, arm yourself with some good music (yes including Waltz) by checking out the latest Netsounds Unsigned podcast right here. Sorted.

Wee bit of Hamish Roberts for you now. First off something called Jungle Jam with Django, think of it like a one man guitar remix. Just Hamish riffing on some stuff and having a run around. Some damned impressive bits and bobs. That may be classed as jazz, can’t believe I was tricked in to watching jazz. *shakes fist at sky*

An actual remix now, courtesy of The LED. This is Skrillex & Damian “Jr. Gong” Marley with Make It Bun. I’ll be honest, I saw Skrillex there and nearly ran in the other direction because that’s dubstep init? But nah it’s not too bad actually. God damned news column is making me listen to stuff I wouldn’t normally and actually enjoy it.

Wait, that’s the point.

If you aren’t already a fan of Team Kapowski, go and become one. In addition to providing some quality hip hop tunes they also provide a weekly web comic. Season 2 of the comic starts tomorrow and you can read season one by clicking their cover photo. And it’s genuinely funny.

Life is a constant learning experience and very few people ever get to the point where they can’t learn a thing or two about a thing or two. It’s not a new page but I just came across it (courtesy of a share by Houdi Don’t Blog) that puts you in touch with music tutors, or tutors in touch with people who want to learn. Whether you want to improve your voice or playing, or learn a new instrument or something, you should probably check out Music Lessons Inverness.

And finally, a pair of PAWS videos. Recorded live at Indie Indie in Amsterdam this is Sore Tummy, first single off forthcoming album Cokefloat!, followed by Bloodline. Lo fi recording but fine stuff.

That’s your lot. No news tomorrow as I’ll be at the Battle of the Bands in the Eagle. See you there aye? And if you go like the Facebook page NOW you could be the 100th to do so. Which would be nice.

Music News 03/09/2012

Hey kids, here’s what’s been happening with local acts over the last couple of days.

Speaking of kids, I’ve been asked to let you know that the Greenhouse open mic nights have a few open guest star slots over the next few months that they’re looking to fill. It’s every second Thursday, in Dingwall, and is a lovely wee place to have a gig. You’ll get 40 minutes (I believe, maybe 30) instead of the standard 3 tunes and it’s always a very appreciative audience. I say kids because Matt is particularly looking for young up and comers to give it a shot. So if you are interested either contact Matt Sillars OR me and I’ll pass it on. And I’ll see you there as I go to every one I can and I THINK I’ll have most second Thursdays free for the next while. Which is nice.

Also nice, a couple of acts from this area have scooped up some SNMAs (Scottish New Music Awards). First off it’s Lewis Hamilton and the Boogie Brothers winning in the Jazz/Blues category and Estrella winning Loud/Metal recording of the year (jointly with Peepshow, who aren’t local so stuff em. Only kidding). Estrella’s Come Out To Play was also runner up for Record of the Year! Well done to both acts, lets hope it’s the start of a tidal wave for next year when the Highlands will sweep the SNMAs and leave the rest of the country weeping at our awesomeness, MWUHAHAHAHAHA!

The LED have released a new remix of Eva Simons Renegade. I’m not familiar with the original tune AND it’s not my kind of thing, BUT it’s no bad like and if it IS your kind of thing you’ll no doubt enjoy it.

Desecrator is looking for a support act for his gig in the Market Bar on the 12th. If you are a Death Metal band, or just a Metal band he’s not fussy, then head over to the page and let him know your up for it.

Cleavers time! 7 minutes of hard core punk for your face and ears from Rodstock. They rock it so hard that the stage bounces a fair bit, and insult the crowd. Punks eh? It’s a bit feedbacky as well. “Fuck your life” is a bit of a band motto btw, so feel free to shout it at them at gigs as they’ll no doubt…well they’ll say it back because they’re punks.

While we’re on videos the boys at Nut Productions have a couple of new ones out today. Two singer/songwriter ladies to be precise. First one is new to me. Her name is Joanne Summer, she’s from Moray somewhere and this is I Can’t Make You Love Me. Keeping on turning out stuff like that would be a start. Second one isn’t new to me, but I haven’t seen her perform in ages so the song is. Here’s Megan Blyth, who you can see on the acoustic bar stage at Jocktoberfest, with Bring Me Down. You need to get that second EP out!

If you read the Battle of the Bands preview piece REALLY QUICKLY then you’ll think Naked Red is playing. That’s what the posted says. They aren’t as they’ve had to step out due to drummer injury. Get better soon Jamie! Stepping in to fill the slot, oh err, is Silence to Medicate so we won’t all have to sit like idiots for a half hour. Yay!

And that as they say is that. Things will get a bit tricky over the next few days. On Wednesday I’m off to the Battle of the Bands. Thursday I’m off to the STV Appeal. Friday and Saturday I’ll be at Jocktoberfest. Sunday I’ll have possibly died (got day job work in there too). If there’s stuff there’ll be a post tomorrow, when the next one is I can’t say for sure BUT I will do my best to have not missed anything. Local acts feel free to have the week off 😉 Thanks for reading, give us a like on Facebook